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A common perception of eBay is that eBay facilitates piracy.

For some 5 years, we regularly reported counterfeits to eBay without success. as result, UK Anti Piracy now holds 5 years worth of proof that eBay failed to act upon reports of eBay fakes. We also understand how difficult it can be for someone to remove fakes from eBay - report fakes to eBay.

UK Anti Piracy and USA Anti Piracy argued with eBay (at the very highest levels) that more needed to be done to fight fakes on eBay. We negotiated for and now enjoy a rather special relationship. In virtually every case, when we report fakes to eBay (when we report counterfeits to eBay); eBay work with us and eBay removes the fakes.

We have now been working closely with eBay and we are helping eBay to fight fakes for a number of years. We have negotiated special reporting facilities and we have an excellent on-going working relationship with eBay, we have have a proven track record going back several years.

UK Anti Piracy provides both a free public service and a business partnership service where we fight fakes on behalf of business partners; we remove fakes on eBay, we remove fakes on Facebook, we remove fakes on Alibaba, we remove fakes on Aliexpress, we report fakes on iOffer, we report fakes on Taobao, we report fakes on DHGate and many other platforms.

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We remove eBay fakes - we report fakes to ebay


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