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How to Report Hijacked Websites

Websites can be hacked in many different ways. It would obviously be irresponsible for us to discuss the problem online in any detail. However; we suggest that secure backups of websites be retained in-house and that good quality internet security software be used on all internet accessing systems.

if a website is hacked (eg; as below), the hosting company should be notified asap. They will probably advise to re-upload the website from the secure backup. However, we would advise that the host should also run security checks and change the host system IP address.

Regular checks should obviously be made on the website and the host platform (eg; watch for new folders or pages being created). Also fully scan the secure backup and the host system with high quality anti virus software and anti malware software.

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When a websie is hijacked, it is usually due to the ownership having lapsed and the name being bought by criminals. This is often due to the purchased website having a good reputation.

Hijacked websites are often used to sell illegal goods (usually counterfeit goods) or to obtain otherwise confidential data such as bank account details.

Unfortunately, the user may not realise that the website has been hijacked and may therefore hold the original owners responsible.

Uk Anti Piracy understand this issue and have removed numerous hijacked websites - deleted numerous hijacked websites and vouched for the innocence of the original owners.

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