How to claim a refund for fake goods

Claim Refunds for Fake Goods


Report piracy to UK Anti Piracy

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Claiming refund for counterfeits, knockoffs and fakes


Do Not settle for Fakes

Do not let Counterfeiters Win


If you have bought fake goods, we can often help you to obtain a full refund.


There is no charge for this service (we simply need that you report the fake item to us).


Our reasoning behind providing this free service is that most people who purchase fake goods are simply looking for a bargain and at the time of purchase, they usually do not realise that the item is fake.


We work with legitimate companies and government departments to drive pirates out of business, We do not believe that criminals (pirates) should be allowed to profit from their crimes and we are keen to help victims get their money back (obtain a refund).


Please note; do not return fake goods - the fakes are your evidence.


Uk Anti Piracy is continuously developing UK Whitelists and UK Blacklists of legitimate sellers (whitelists) and sellers of counterfeit goods (blacklists).


legitimate sellers are invited to join our whitelists.


Potential buyers, license holders, the media, banks, law enforcement and others can browse our whitelists and blacklists at no charge. PayPal and credit card companies can also use our services as a resource to assist with assessing a customers refund claim against a seller of counterfeit goods.


Eg; if a seller of fake sports goods is listed in our blacklist, this can add significant weight to any fake goods related claims against that company.


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