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UK Anti Piracy are pleased to provide this iOffer piracy reporting service.

Please use the following to report fakes sold on iOffer.

Businesses and IP rights holders are invited to report fakes on iOffer and to work with us to remove fakes from iOffer by joining our UK Brand Protection Service.

UK Anti Piracy have identified as being willing piracy facilitators; profit from piracy and support piracy

Please note; as from Aug 8th 2016, is blacklisted.

As willing piracy facilitators - willing piracy supporters, we consider the above to be
*semi criminal organisations. UK Anti Piracy asks that blacklisted organisations be fully investigated by their respective governments. UK Anti Piracy will fully co-operate with such investigations and stand ready to provide evidence of, and to testify regarding their roles within the "fake trade".

UK Anti Piracy, USA Anti Piracy and Report Knockoffs also stand ready to continue working with iOffer to eliminate fakes - counterfeit goods being sold on the iOffer platform.

; semi criminal organisation; an organisation which knowingly engages in illegal activities but which pays tax on those activities.

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