Report DHgate fakes - remove DHgate fakes

Report DHGate Piracy, Remove DHGate Fakes

Report DHgate piracy - Remove DHgate fakes

UK Anti Piracy are pleased to provide this DHGate piracy reporting service.

Businesses and IP rights holders are invited to report fakes on DHGate and to work with us to remove fakes from DHGate by joining our UK Brand Protection Service.

Please note; as from Aug 1st 2016, is blacklisted. It should also be noted that DHGate was also almost blacklisted.

UK Anti Piracy, USA Anti Piracy and Report Knockoffs offer the facility to report DHGate fakes (report counterfeit goods sold on DHGate). UK Anti Piracy, USA Anti Piracy and Report Knockoffs will investigate and submit reports to DHGate and monitor the outcome. we can then reassess the situation and hopefully work with DHGate to remove DHGate fakes (remove fake goods sold on DHGate).

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