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About Fake Motorcycle Parts

Fake motorcycle parts, fake motorcycle accessories and items of fake motorcycle merchandise are becoming increasingly common.

In the worst cases, counterfeiters may supply potentially lethal fakes to items such as fake tee shirts, watches etc which feature motorcycle brands logos etc.

Many Motorcycle manufactures produce Motorcycle workshop manuals which they supply to approved dealers and their approved repair agents.

Unfortunately, copies of these manuals are currently being supplied illegally on various websites and specialist online auction sites.

Quite apart from being illegal, bootleg copies of Workshop manuals etc are produced by criminals, supplied by criminals, they usually lack features, facilities and support and can - some do contain viruses, malware and - or computer hijacking software.

The Motorcycle industry and UK Anti Piracy are rightly concerned about this practice. For some time now, UK Anti Piracy has monitored and taken action on behalf of Motorcycle companies and the Motorcycle industry against individuals and companies who supply Bootleg copies of Motorcycle workshop manuals and other counterfeit Motorcycle products, many of which are of inferior quality to the original and - or potentially life threatening (eg; shock absorbers, brake pads etc).

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