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Legal Sellers Support Against Fakes

(Whitelist Members Protection Against Fakes)


Why Compete Against Crooks?

(We Hunt Fakes - We Remove Fakes)


Competition from fakes is unfair, Competition from fakes is immoral, Competition from fakes is illegal. However, in many cases; license holders fail to act against fakes.


UK Anti Piracy works with honest suppliers - honest sellers - we partner legitimate suppliers - we partner legal sellers of genuine products. We are developing "UK Vendors White Lists" of recommended, genuine suppliers - legitimate suppliers of goods worldwide (includes shops, websites, showrooms, dealerships, online sellers etc).


We will provide website links, contact details etc to legitimate suppliers. These will be available via dedicated pages on the UK Anti Piracy website.


Lergitimate sellers (whitelist partners) will be able to report fakes to us.


About Whitelists

Whitelist Members Are Smart


Access to our whitelists and blacklists is free to all. Therefore; potential buyers, license holders, the media, banks, law enforcement and others can browse and refer to our vendors whitelists and blacklists at no charge.


Whitelist members are approved sellers of authentic goods - recommended sellers of genuine goods (potential customers can be confident that items bought from a whitelist member are genuine). Whitelist members are also ideally placed to know of rogue traders (suppliers of fakes within their industry). Reports from Whitelist members are therefore treated as urgent.


Whitelist members effectively help to police the web. Whitelist member reports of fakes are acted upon and they profit from having unfair competition removed.


Whitelist members are smart.


About Blacklists

We Remove Illegal Sellers


UK Anti Piracy now also provides Backlists. If a seller is "blacklisted", they will have been investigated and found to sell counterfeit goods (they have sold fakes).


PayPal and credit card companies can use our services as a free resource to assist with assessing a customers refund claim against a seller of counterfeit goods.


Eg; if a seller of fake goods is listed in our blacklists, this can add significant weight to any fake goods related claims against that seller.


UK whitelist legal seller membership

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Please note;


If membership of additional sites is required, please contact us with details.


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