Counterfeit Games, Fake Games and UK Game Piracy

About Counterfeit Games - Toys

Fighting Bootleg Games, Replica Games and Game Piracy

About Counterfeit Games - Toys

Counterfeit games and toys are currently being supplied on UK Car Boot Sales, UK Markets, "Dodgy" shops, illegal websites and well known online auction sites. The supply of replica games and toys (counterfeit games - toys and fake games -toys) is a massive global problem which is growing daily.

Put simply; copying, supplying or buying counterfeit games (replica games - bootleg games) is illegal and damages the game industry.

Additionally; many counterfeit games and toys are not fit for sale in the UK. Many contain dangerous substances, poisonous coatings, many are extremely flammable and or may have detachable parts which can (and do) injure, cut or choke young children.

It should also be understood that counterfeit game's are produced - copied by criminals. In the case of computer games; some copies have been found to contain viruses and - or malicious software.

It should also be understood that counterfeit games are manufactured and supplied by criminals. Potential customers should be careful not to supply them with private information (such as home addresses, credit card details, banking information etc).

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