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About Counterfeit Software, Fake SW

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About Software Piracy

Put simply; computer software piracy is illegal and damages the Computer industry (as was shown with the demise of the Commodore Amiga computer and the failure of numerous software companies largely due to Computer Piracy).

We fight software piracy. We work with responsible major computer software companies. We actively search on their behalf for counterfeit goods. We log details (as evidence), we make test purchases and we report counterfeit computer software and fake computer hardware.
Counterfeit Computer Software and Counterfeit Computer Games have been a problem for many years and directly affects companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and many others. 

It should be understood that counterfeit computer hardware and counterfeit software is produced - copied by criminals. Some copied software has been found to contain viruses and - or malicious software (some of which continuously scans the computer for details of online banking accounts etc).

So whilst counterfeit computer software is widely available, it is illegal and damaging, whilst buying counterfeit computer software is often a false economy. Many people have purchased fake computer software at computer shows, markets, car boot sales and online but then found that there are issues with it which means that not only is the software of no use, but quite often; the original computer software has to be re-installed or the computer hard disk drive has to be wiped (erased or formatted) and then fully re-installed.

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