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About Fake Computer Parts

Fighting Counterfeit Computer Parts and fake hardware

Computer Counterfeiting and Hardware Piracy

Counterfeit computer hardware is widely available at UK car boot sales, markets, "dodgy websites" and online auction sites. Some counterfeit computer hardware is potentially life threatening.

There have been numerous cases over the last few years where people have bought fake power supplies - counterfeit AC adapters (usually from online auction sites such as eBay), only to find that these items are sub standard. Indeed, these AC adapters have actually overheated, melted, "burst into flames" they can - have caused caused physical injury - death.

There are also cases of Counterfeit Batteries, Counterfeit Hard Disk Drives, Counterfeit Graphics Cards, Counterfeit CPU`s, Counterfeit Memory Cards and many other fake computer components being sold (mainly online) but also being offered to legitimate computer dealers for resale as genuine products.

The main issues with Counterfeit computer hardware currently relate to Fake Seagate, Maxtor and Western Digital Hard Disk Drives, Counterfeit ATI Graphics cards, Fake nVidea Video Graphics Cards, Fake Intel Processors, Counterfeit AMD Processors and Counterfeit Sandisk SD Memory Cards and Fake AC Adapters (Fake laptop Power supplies).

In the above cases, the items often fail to operate correctly or fail to work at their correct speed or capacities.

Additionally; many Counterfeit Computers, Fake Tablet Computers and Fake Mobile Phones are also being offered for sale.

We work with legitimate manufacturers, copyright license holders and the authorities to identify and report issues and to take action against offenders.

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