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About Fake Car Parts

Fighting Counterfeit Car Parts

About Counterfeit Car Parts

Counterfeit car parts are widely available. In fact, with the rise of the internet in general and online auction sites in general; the supply of Fake Car Parts - Fake Car Components - Fake Car Accessories and Fake Car Spares has now reached epidemic proportions.

Other components such as Fake Alloy Wheels can be prone to cracking and vital components such as Counterfeit Car Brake Calipers, Counterfeit Car Brake Pads are often made from sub standard components which simply fail under pressure. Eg; we have discovered Fake Ferodo Brake Pads and Fake Brembo Brake Calipers and even Fake Tyres. In all cases, these potentially life saving components are sub-standard.

Please note; both the Fake Ferodo Brake Pads and Fake Brembo Brake Calipers are known to fade dangerously. Fake brake disks are known to warp and fracture - they have been known to "break into two parts". Fake air bags (as featured on our Fake Air Bags USA Anti Piracy site) are now being shipped into the UK (authorities in the USA recently exposed a scandal related to fake air bags).

Fake Britain Report into Fake Car Parts

Please note; the above includes a report into Fake Airbags
Unfortunately, we can confirm that Fake Airbags are now being supplied to the UK
Fake airbags kill !;  About fake airbags in the USA

Many car producers manufacture car workshop manuals which they supply to approved dealers and their approved repair agents.

Unfortunately, copies of these car repair manuals - car workshop service manuals are currently being supplied illegally on various websites and specialist online auction sites such as the eBay website. Quite apart from being illegal, bootleg copies of Workshop manuals etc are produced by criminals, supplied by criminals, they usually lack features, facilities and support and can - some do contain viruses, malware and - or computer hijacking software.

The car industry and UK Anti Piracy are rightly concerned about this Counterfeit Car Parts. For some time now, UK Anti Piracy has monitored and taken action on behalf of car companies and the car industry against individuals and companies who supply Bootleg copies of car workshop manuals and other counterfeit car products, many of which are of inferior quality to the original and - or potentially life threatening (eg; brake pads, brake disks, air bags, alloy Wheels etc).

Fake Chinese Rolls Royce

This is NOT a Genuine Rolls Royce