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Brands have a duty of care to vendors
Brands have a duty of care to customers

Brands often ignore fakes
Brands often fail to remove fakes

Supporting Sellers of Legitimate Products

Many brands treat fakes as an inconvenience and simply allocate losses caused by fakes to "shrinkage". Ie; many brands simply allow for losses in much the same way that retailers allow for shoplifting. For this reason, some brands rarely act against piracy of their products.

However; UK Anti Piracy believe that this short sighted attitude also ignores the fact that brands have a duty of care toward sellers of their (legitimate) products and a duty of care to end users of their (legitimate) products.

Eg; when someone sells a counterfeit watch, all genuine watches of that supposed brand and model are effectively devalued. Additionally, if a designer watch is resold, it will need to pass an authenticity test. This obviously has a cost implication for the seller and buyer.
We also have direct personal experience of the very real damage that fakes can do to legitimate business.

UK Anti Piracy Supports Legitimate Vendors Fight Against Fakes

Sellers of legitimate products are at a severe disadvantage compared to sellers of fake goods. Fake products typically do not meet safety standards imposed on genuine products, the factories do not operate to comparable standards or practices and criminals rarely pay tax. Therefore, sellers of fake products can sell at a lower price than sellers of genuine goods.

Surely; Brands and  rights holders have a duty to provide every assistance to genuine sellers in the fight against fakes.

UK Anti Piracy is committed to aiding legitimate vendors.

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