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Some time ago, our founder realised that the number of fake items being sold on sites such as eBay, Craigs List (owned by eBay), Gumtree (owned by eBay) and new sites such as iOffer were having a serious - detrimental effect on legitimate businesses and setup UK Anti Piracy.

The simple fact is that legitimate business cannot compete with counterfeit goods because manufacturers and sellers of fakes do not have the same overheads and the fakes are invariably of a much lower quality than genuine goods.

However; we know of companies who have been forced to close because of not being able to compete with fake goods and honest, hard working people have even lost their homes because of this. Indeed our founder designed - invented and ran a specialist software company in a brand new market which supplied a range of products based upon Microsoft operating systems - with permission from Microsoft (he was and remains a Microsoft Partner).

Microsoft withdrew permission to supply the product and after some time and considerable legal costs, an accommodation was reached whereby he could restart. However, by this time; counterfeiters had flooded the market with illegal and often "dangerous" fakes which were often supplied on ebay. Since our founder had been severely limited by action against Microsoft and since he could not effectively compete against "low cost" fakes and because ebay repeatedly failed to act against the counterfeits, he lost his home.

UK Anti Piracy is based in Telford whilst USA Anti Piracy is based in California and Arizona. We work with many major copyright holders, media companies, retailers, governmental departments and auction sites worldwide. We also provide many copyright holders, and intellectual property rights holders with their own pages on our websites.

We also support governments against fakes and in their fight against counterfeits funded - organised crime.

UK Anti Piracy was a startup based on a radically new idea. We provide a free and necessary public service which benefits everyone (except pirates).

We began reporting fake goods to eBay around 2009 and have continued ever since. However, despite the fact that we employed people to report on a semi full-time basis (for 5 years) from various accounts, eBay rarely took action.

This obviously means that we have a wealth of evidence against eBay (including sworn statements that ebay fails to act against counterfeits and therefore facilitates piracy). Given the time scales involved (five years of ineffectual reporting), we were obviously frustrated that eBay was openly facilitating piracy.

We therefore began looking at options such as working with companies who are affected by piracy and supplying our evidence, witness statements etc to companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Sony, Disney and many more. To facilitate this (and much more), we officially setup UK Anti Piracy, we developed  systems, gained considerable expertise, approached companies such as Google and successfully negotiated reporting facilities (they act upon our reports).

We were then contacted by eBay, and although skeptical (after 5 years of wasted effort), we accepted their offer to work with us.

Using a specially negotiated - dedicated reporting facility, when we now report to eBay; they take action. Quite often; the pirate relists their counterfeit goods, but thanks to our policy of monitoring known offenders, we "take them down" again, again and again. We now have a good working relationship with Google, Facebook, eBay and many others and in almost every case; when we report counterfeits, the offending listing is removed.

UK Anti Piracy provides both a free public service and a business partnership service where we hunt fakes, we fight fakes on behalf of business partners; we remove eBay fakes, we remove Facebook fakes.

UK Anti Piracy Future - Fighting Fakes

Before going any further, it should be understood that pirates tend to be rather undesirable individuals. Therefore we do not disclose personal information about UK Antipiracy staff, clients or associates.

As we began dealing with companies, developing relationships and removing counterfeit goods from sale, legitimate companies began taking notice.

We have also received invitations for us to work with TV and Radio shows.

However; we remain focused on developing our facilities and our relationships with partners. we remain committed to fighting pirates.

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