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Fact; counterfeits, fakes and replicas cost human lives, destroys enterprise, discourages innovation and costs UK jobs.


Fact; replicas, counterfeits and fakes are usually manufactured for the lowest possible cost, using sub standard materials and components, in sub standard conditions, often by "unskilled" adults and children who are often abused by their "employers".


Fact; the UK market in fakes, counterfeits and replicas is "run" internationally by Chinese Triads, The Russian Mafia, Terrorist Groups and The Mafia.


Fact; the UK trade in replicas, counterfeits and fakes funds terrorism, murder and numerous other criminal activities. In the same way that Prohibition encouraged and helped the Mob to grow in the USA; purchasing fakes, replicas and counterfeits funds terrorists and organised crime.


Fact; counterfeiting is NOT a victimless crime.


Fact; UK Anti Piracy provides legitimate seller protection and support against fakes


Fact; UK Anti Piracy provides both a free public service and a business partnership service where we hunt fakes, we fight fakes on behalf of business partners; we remove eBay fakes, we remove Facebook fakes, we remove Alibaba fakes, we remove Aliexpress fakes, we report iOffer fakes, we report DHGate fakes and we work with many other platforms. Please note that we did report Taobao fakes at the invitation of Taobao. However, we are now convinced that Taobao is not sincere and that they cannot be trusted or believed when stating that they wish to combat piracy. UK Anti Piracy agrees with calls to relist Taobao on a counterfeit watch list as a notorious market.


Fact; UK Trading Standards are often difficult to contact and rarely take action against fakes due to limited resources and government cutbacks. UK Anti Piracy - Brand Protection can and does report to and work with - help Trading Standards to discover fakes, remove fakes - prosecute counterfeiters.


Fact; Many Brands ignore fakes or they fail to treat counterfeiting issues seriously. They often treat losses due to counterfeits and piracy as being a consequence of business. UK Anti Piracy believe that Brands have a duty of care to resellers and to end users.


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Many companies are experiencing, or have previously encountered issues with "replicas" - bootlegging - copies - fakes - counterfeits. UK Anti Piracy works with legitimate manufacturers, copyright holders, media companies, legitimate retailers, government departments and even online auction sites to provide a significantly enhanced level of protection against fakes, copyright infringements and the supply of counterfeit goods, Pirated (bootleg) media and copies of products.

These counterfeit items - pirated goods include fake car parts (even life saving components such as brake pads, fake shock absorbers etc) bootleg disks (copies of CDs, knockoff DVDs, knockoff Blu-ray, USB disks etc), illegal downloads, copies of books and manuals, copied music CDs, knockoff movies, knockoff console games and bootleg computer games, counterfeit clothing, counterfeit designer clothing and fashion accessories, fake jewelry and watches, fake toys, electrical goods, electrical and mechanical components, counterfeit sports shirts and counterfeit sports equipment etc.


We have found fake toothpaste, fake washing powder, counterfeit washing up liquid, counterfeit face wash, fake spot cream, fake razor blades and even fake chocolates and much more "tat" in discount stores, UK car boot sales and UK markets.


Many fakes are purchased from Chinese websites and resold in the UK (often on eBay, Facebook etc).


Report Fakes, Seller Support has agreements in place with eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress and others where when we report fakes; they remove them. In August 2016, we have launched dedicated facilities to remove fakes sold on and remove fakes sold on However; we can only report for specific partners because agreements have to be registered with Alibaba Group.


Regarding eBay and others; we can act on reports from members of the public.




Reporting Fakes


We Report Fakes to Brands

We Report Fakes to Law Enforcement

Google, eBay, Facebook, Many Others


We were;


Invited to join eBay IP reporting

Invited to join Alibaba IP reporting

Invited to join TaoBao IP reporting

(invited by eBay, Alibaba and Taobao)



Free Anti Counterfeit - Anti Fake and Anti Piracy Support

We ask people to tell us about counterfeits and fake goods, we will investigate - take action completely free of charge and without revealing the identity or contact details of the person who reported the counterfeit - fake.

If people have bought counterfeit or fake goods, we will help them to try and obtain a full refund (without returning the item).

We work with manufacturers and legitimate companies via our UK Brand Protection Service to drive pirates out of business. We report counterfeiters, we remove fakes.

Please click here for; License Holders Join UK Anti Piracy


UK Anti Piracy was founded after we purchased a Windows Re-installation disk online (for a computer which had a legitimate license). The disk looked legitimate and was used to re-install the correct version of Windows (on a computer which had a legitimate license), but along with Windows, the disk contained malware (malicious software) which scanned the computer for entered bank account and PayPal entries. The point is; "how many other pirated disks contain malware, viruses etc"?



We now work with many major manufacturers, copyright license holders, their legal departments, UK Intellectual Property Lawyers, and government departments (such as Trading Standards) in the battle against counterfeit goods, piracy, copyright infringements and IP crime - copyright theft.

UK Anti Piracy employs people to hunt for Pirate Websites and scour suspect websites and Online Auction websites to identify counterfeits, fakes and knockoff - bootleg goods.


We work with various organisations and governments to reduce fakes.


Our searches include such things as pirated movies and TV shows, replica games, copies of music (bootleg CD, bootleg DVD and download) and music accessories (such as counterfeit head phones), fake designer clothing, fake sports clothing, counterfeit phones, fake watches and jewellery, fake car parts, counterfeit manuals and accessories and much more.


When we are sure that an infringement is occurring, we take action. We will report fakes to UK Business - Brand Protection partners. We will report piracy to facilitators (eg; auction sites which offer the pirated goods for sales) and possibly the authorities and the media. We also work with search engines to remove pirate websites from online listings.


We also encourage people to report piracy to us directly (please see the "Report UK Piracy" section).


Report Fakes, Seller Support will investigate on behalf of Veros Partners (IP rights holders). These investigations can be both open and secret (we can investigate the same case in numerous ways) in order to identify Intellectual Property breaches and we can obtain evidence and take appropriate action. Fake goods come in many forms and from multiple sources. Eg; pirated software and knockoff movies may be produced by a lone counterfeiter (often working in a "back room", kitchen, bedroom or shed) or a "counterfeiting factory" with multiple DVD copying machines which clone CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

Other pirates may purchase counterfeit goods or fake
goods for re-sale from various websites.


We have direct links with major search engines and we can report counterfeit goods directly. We enjoy reporting facilities which are similar to the eBay Vero system (after which our Veified Rights Owners Support - Veros Brand Protection facility was named). This ensures that our reports are "acted upon" and the facilitators react swiftly. eg; We work with and report directly to Google Adwords, eBay and others via dedicated facilities (we are recognised as being experts and we do not use standard reporting facilities) to ensure that when we report fakes and counterfeits, they are removed ASAP.


We hunt for and find fakes. We report fakes and provide support and evidence against counterfeiters and suppliers. We may also report fakes to the media newspapers, forums and TV (eg Fake Britain).


We hunt for and amend - comment on or remove inaccurate or false reviews of genuine products (eg; if someone buys a fake item and then posts a review which mistakenly attack the genuine product, we can intercede).


We hunt for and take action against reviews of fake goods - counterfeit goods.


Fake goods and counterfeit goods are often sourced from factories in India, Russia or China (Guangzhou - also known as Canton or Kwangchow, China is arguably the counterfeiting capital of the world). These fakes and counterfeits are purchased in bulk for resale in the UK and are often supplied via organised counterfeiting networks (eg; from Manchester or Salford). Sellers are usually aware of the true nature of their stock but this may not always be the case because some suppliers claim to be OEM factories and their stock is surplus or seconds. However; in most cases, only "an idiot" would believe this.


Indeed, in some tows, areas have grown to service the counterfeit industry (such as Canal Street in New York and Bury New Road, Manchester, UK).


It should also be noted that many factories which produce counterfeit goods use sub-standard safety systems, sub-standard materials, sub-standard working practices and many force children to work in conditions which would not be tolerated in a legitimate operation.


We support and notify governments about counterfeiting operations within their borders. It is in the interests of national and regional governments to address counterfeiting as it adversely affects both the national image - national brand (eg; many people now consider Chinese goods as being "cheap tat") and deters inventors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, in many cases the counterfeits are produced and distributed by illegal organisations such as the Triads, the Russian Mafia or "the Mob". No taxes are paid and workers are commonly abused.


The Chinese Government is now taking action against the counterfeiters.

Other counterfeits - fake goods include fake oils and liquids (such as fake brake fluid). In these cases, low quality products are often transferred to Premium grade containers (eg; low quality oil used to fill premium grade oil containers and this is then sold as fake premium grade oil). In such cases, the buyer is obviously risking serious damage to his car - or worse.


Eg; we recently identified fake car clutches. These clutches were significantly cheaper than genuine items and would certainly have worked (but only for a short time). When the clutch failed it may well have caused damage and the customer would obviously have needed to have a replacement fitted. As is usually the case with fake car parts; fitting a fake clutch is false economy.


Some Chinese companies even openly produce and sell blatant copies of Western vehicles such as Honda Motorcycles and BMW Cars (yes; full size counterfeit Honda Motorcycles and Counterfeit BMW Cars). BMW has taken legal action in China against a company which was selling copies of the BMW X5 - they lost. It is little wonder therefore, that sub standard copies of car parts are being sold in the UK.

Potentially the worst counterfeit goods (in terms of danger to human life) is probably counterfeit medicines and fake medicines. UK Anti Piracy will also work with legitimate medicine companies - Veros Partners and law enforcement agencies to combat the threat from fake medicines and counterfeits - fake goods and piracy in general.


Most high volume production of Russian counterfeit goods is concentrated in Moscow, the Voronezh regions and the North Caucasus and counterfeiters often operate openly.